BONUS TRAINING: Design Your Free & Intro Offers with Canva

If you're not a designer and you're unsure how to create digital downloads for your Free and Intro offers, I recommend using Canva - it has everything you need to create professional-looking documents and promotional graphics without needing to learn complex (and expensive) software.

I also recommend grabbing Sandra Clayton's Biz in a Box templates for Canva. A professional designer and marketer, she's shared the templates she uses in her own business to create successful list-building campaigns and paid offers. Plus, (and this is the best part) - she provides training for how to use Canva and work with the templates as well.

Sandra was kind enough to hop on Zoom with me to demonstrate how it works -- if you're new to Canva, design, or creating freebie/digital products, be prepared to have your mind blown. :)